How to get the most remodel for your buck.

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Is the lowest price really the best price? Sometimes yes, especially if you are trying to save money, which we all want to do.

When it comes to most things, yes we want to save a few dollars just so we can spend it somewhere else. New shoes, on sale. New clothes, on sale. Wow look at all of this stuff I can get, on sale.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was like that?

When it comes to our investments, such as our home or our businesses, do we feel the same way?

Do we let our homes “go one more year” instead of patching and painting the ceiling, walls, doors, trim and exterior?  Do we have broken or unbalanced ceiling fans in our homes because ” the lights still work”? Do we just pull the shower or tub curtain or doors closed so nobody will see our mildew, loose tile grout and that spout that won’t stop dripping? Do we get a rug to cover holes or damaged flooring?

Sure. Sometimes that happens, but when it comes to investments we don’t have as much of a desire to spend time or money to fix or figure out how to repair problems.

Can you imagine putting the wrong oil or gas in your car because it’s cheaper, not because it will make the car perform the way it’s supposed to? That would not be good.

So what do we do?

The next best thing. Look for…A SALE.

You may look at getting your home repairs done or a new project started, but you don’t want to spend too much. What does that actually mean?

You don’t want to spend too little and not get what you wanted.

You don’t want to spend too much and not receive the outcome you desired.

You want to spend the right amount and get more than you expected.

If you are going to be getting apples to apples quotes from qualified contractors, not from cousin Bob (unless he’s qualified), then you should be able to get pretty accurate and competitive quotes.

1.Have a detailed list of what kind of work you want done, materials, accessories, when you want to start and an idea of what you want to spend, or your budget.

2.After meeting with contractor 1, if he/she says something needs to be done in order to do this, then add it to the list and let all other bidders know.(remember apples to apples)All changes should be provided to make sure the best quote is received.

3.Give all of the information some thought and decide which contractor you want to work with, remember your initial idea of a budget will most likely change once site conditions and scope have been determined. The cheapest guy might not be the selection you make. It’s all about value for you the customer, the information you receive and how you feel about the contractor.

Remember cheap work isn’t always good and good work isn’t always cheap.

If we constantly try to shop for quality services (like looking for a sale on shoes at the mall) instead of value we will soon see that we can’t always spontaneously purchase good contracting?

But you can contact us.

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